Agility Index Snapshot

Measure the value of your investment

You invest in Agile processes, tools, training and coaching. How much are you getting back? Traditional metrics might give you insight into improvements of operational efficiency but the real conversation is about the value created for your organization by the improved processes. 

Financial success and stakeholder satisfaction are a great way to start thinking in terms of the value delivered by your teams. Numbers tracking ITs ability to deliver this value frequently and of high quality are leading indicators of this success.

It’s time to change the conversation and show how IT is leading the way in creating the foundation for a business that thrives on opportunity!

Get Started with the Agility Index Snapshot

The Agility Index Snapshot equips you with an approach to measure the value of your software organization.

  • Current Value metrics show how your strengths generate business value.
  • Time-to-market and Ability to Innovate metrics measure your organizations ability to sustain its value in the future.
  • The Agility Index™ software enables you to measure the improvement in business outcomes and track the return of your investment.

Our EBMgt Experts will conduct these reviews prior to starting an improvement effort in the organization and about 3 months following. Combining an Agility Index Snapshot with skills assessments enable the evaluation of improvement at the organizational and individual level. If you are considering any Scrum training or coaching, ask how its value will be measured. 

Agility Index Snapshots are conducted by our EBMgt Experts. They can be run as individual measurements of your organization at different time intervals or they can be combined with other services. Contact our EBMgt Experts for more information.