Evidence-based Management Solutions

Proving and improving the value of software in your organization


How can you as an IT leader make the biggest impact on your organization? You manage investments based on ROI and value. You know that frequent inspection of results will limit the risk of disruption. You influence the organization to create a culture that allows it to take advantage of opportunities before their competitors do. 

Following the three ingredients of the Evidence-Based Management approach, Scrum.org's Experts offer solutions that can help guide your journey towards an proving and improving the value of software for your organization. In a first step, they will enable you to track every investment in improvements such as training or coaching, and compare it to the value the organization derives. Second, they can help evaluate the capabilities across your entire organization, resulting in a customized ordered backlog of improvements. Lastly, you can draw on their experience to guide your company in setting up mechanisms for continuous improvement necessary to increase its current and future value.

Measure Value with

Agility Index Snapshot

Communicate your development
organization’s effectiveness and
resulting business success.

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Diagnose Capabilities with

Capabilities Spotlight

Diagnose your capabilities,
discover strengths you can build on,
and expose areas for needed

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Improve Continuously with

Guided Improvement

Use evidence to drive
a journey of continuous improvement
and process innovation. Be your organization’s guide in building
lasting change.

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