Our EBMgt Experts

Our Evidence-Based Management Consultants will help you jumpstart the journey. They have coached many organizations on their path to increasing the effectiveness of their software organizations. Browse below to get to know them. Draw on their knowledge to learn more about how to apply Evidence-based Management to your context or contact them to present on how to use evidence to manage software organizations to large or small audiences.

Nana Abban

Geography: UK & Ghana (Sub Sahara Africa)
Industry Expertise: Consulting, E-commerce, Telecoms, Finance, Security, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Retail,Communication & Media, Loyalty & Promotions

Exciting, energizing, thought-provoking, rigorous, pragmatic, outspoken and direct, highly inspiring and never afraid to be controversial. Genuine leader with the ability to bring Agility to life, engage and involve the organisation often on a tough thinking journey.

If you're after the 'same old - same old' then I am not for you. Using my extensive experience and insights, I will challenge your perceptions and help you see the new reality. As a licensed Engagement Manager, I use the Evidence-Based Management approach to help you analyze the value your software delivery contributes to your organization and highlight areas that require your immediate attention. That way, you can refocus your investments to achieve key business outcomes.


Ahmet Akdag

Geography: Turkey
Industry Expertise: Financial Services, Telecommunication, E-Commerce, Retail, Consulting

Ahmet is a consultant and trainer helping organizations through their Agile transitions. Ahmet helps organizations adapt Scrum and other Agile processes in the right way by teaching the fundamentals to all levels in the organizations, coaching teams and designing the organizational principles-practices-tools for enterprise Agility.

Contributing to many software and organizational Agile transformation projects in small to large scale enterprises, Ahmet’s expertise on management and framework design directed him to create high quality solutions and best practices within the fundamental principles of Agile processes. He has been coaching and consulting companies with a combination of extensive know-how and experience on both the process and practices side of Agile. Ahmet is also the co-founder of the Agile association in his local market.



Charles Bradley

Geography: USA, Canada
Industry Expertise: Software, Financial Services, Telecom, E-Commerce, Legal, Health Care, and others

Charles Bradley focuses on help companies Delivering more value sooner. Period!

Charles is the Principal Consultant and Trainer at ScrumCrazy.com and has worked with customers in government, finance, retail, telecom, health, and technology, to help them improve their processes and deliver more value sooner. His goal is to increase transparency, uncover impediments to value delivery, and reduce your cycle-time as part of your organization's improvement efforts. Having worked in a variety of industries, Charles has broad perspective on what it means for you to be successful and delight your customers.

As an expert in Evidence-based Management (EBM), Agile, & Scrum, Charles believes that every company deserves to maximize the ROI of their IT and software spend. Charles Bradley provides Management and Agile consulting to help you adopt and improve your use of Lean-Agile processes and techniques. Deliver more value. Today!

Charles is based out of Denver, CO, and travels all over the USA to help his clients.


Hagen Buchwald

Geography: Germany
Industry Expertise: Software, Finance, Energy, Automotive

Hagen Buchwald is an agile coach for scrum on team and enterprise level.

Hagen has completed his degree in business administration and engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 1994. His deep understanding of the development of complex software based products results from 20 years of work as software developer, project manager, product manager and managing director in the IT industry. Today he is a member of the executive board of andrena objects ag in Karlsruhe (Germany), a strongly growing IT consulting company focused on agile software development.


Alan Buffington

Geography: United States
Industry Expertise: Financial Services, Health Care

Alan Buffington has made a career of transforming systems development in organizations varying in size from large corporations to small software firms. As CIO of companies like Fidelity Investments and CIGNA Health Care he has created responsive, agile groups which delivered on the promise of innovation in pursuit of bottom-line results. As CEO of two software companies, he led the acceleration of delivery of functionality and market leadership.

At present, Buffington helps clients achieve top performance in systems development by designing and implementing agile approaches in environments from single teams to large (over 1000 developers) departments.


Jack Cantwell

Geography: United States
Industry Expertise: Consulting, Software

Jack is an active software development leader with 15 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions on the Microsoft platform. He is a subject matter expert in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Microsoft development tools (Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server) with a strong expertise in implementing & leading Traditional / Agile / Scrum based development processes supporting distributed teams on medium to large- scale .NET based enterprise projects.

Jack has performed a number of technology lead roles in the past 10 years while at Avanade and is currently a Group Manager in the Software and Cloud Services division leading a team of 30+ in globally distributed scrum teams. His roles include delivering a comprehensive Agile training curriculum and transforming the Software and Cloud Services agile capability around the world.

Jack is a graduate of both Carleton College where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Philosophy, and Duke University, where he received a master’s degree in Political Science. He lives with his family on Bainbridge Island, Washington in the U.S. and commutes to work in Seattle on a ferry.


Edwin Dando

Geography: New Zealand, Australia
Industry Expertise: Consulting, Software, Telecommunications

Edwin has a career based on helping improve organisations. He has worked as a consultant for Accenture, Synergy, Gen-I and Assurity.  In 2006 founded Clarus, a well-known New Zealand consulting firm that lead the way in agile adoption.  Clarus was acquired by Assurity Consulting in 2012, where Edwin now runs the nationwide education practice.

For over 10 years Edwin has been using Scrum to help companies use transparency to improve how they deliver value.  His role at Assurity involves him working with senior managers and executives to help them understand how they can use agile methods to build resilient enterprises that can respond to an ever changing market.

He lives with his family on the beautiful Waiheke Island in the Huaraki Gulf, a short distance from Auckland New Zealand.


Benjamin Day

Industry Expertise:
Benjamin Day is a consultant and trainer specializing in software best practices using Scrum with Microsoft's ALM tools. Ben's main areas of emphasis include Team Foundation Server, Scrum, software testing, and software architecture. He is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP, a certified Scrum trainer via Scrum.org, and a speaker at conferences such as TechEd, Agile, VSLive, and DevTeach. When not developing software, Ben's been known to go running and sea kayaking in order to balance out his love of cheese, cured meats, and champagne. He can be contacted via http://www.benday.com.​ Contact

Karel Deman

Geography: United Kingdom
Industry Expertise:

Karel is a hands on technology consulting leader with 18 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions exclusively on the Microsoft platform. He is a subject matter expert in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Microsoft development tools (Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server) with a strong expertise in implementing & leading Traditional / Agile / Scrum based development processes supporting distributed teams on medium to large-scale .NET based enterprise projects.
Karel has performed a number of technology lead roles in the past 13 years whilst at Avanade and is currently a Senior Director in the Global Delivery Management team where he is the Global Programme Lead for Agile responsible for building the Agile Capability worldwide. His roles include developing and delivering a comprehensive Agile training curriculum and transforming the Global Delivery Network to Agile Centers of Excellence.
Karel is a graduate of Gent University where he obtained a degree in Bioscience Engineering and Master in Molecular Cell and Gene Biotechnology. He lives and works with his family in London, United Kingdom.


Martin Hinshelwood

Geography: Worldwide (with focus on Europe)
Industry Expertise: Government, Finance, Manufacturing, Health, and Technology
Martin Hinshelwood is the Principal Consultant at naked ALM Consulting and has worked with customers in government, finance, manufacturing, health and technology to help them improve their processes and deliver more. His goal is to expose your processes and practices to gain transparency, uncover your impediments to value delivery and reduce your cycle-time as part of your organisations path to agility. Having worked both in the USA and across Europe Martin has broad perspective on what it means for you to be successful and delight your customers.

As an expert in Evidence-based Management (EBM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Team Foundation Server (TFS) & Scrum Martin believes that every company deserves working, high quality software on a regular cadence. Martin Hinshelwood provides management and technical consulting to help you adopt and improve your use of lean-agile processes and techniques.


Maarten Hoppen

Geography: Netherlands
Industry Expertise:




Henk Jan Huizer

Geography: Europe
Industry Expertise: Financial Services and telecommunications

More than 10 years of experience with Agile makes Henk Jan a true expert in Agile transformations. Henk Jan supported several large financial institutions in the Netherlands as strategic consultant with IT transformations from start to implementation. His track record includes large-scale programmes and smaller-scale transformation projects within banks, insurance, FinTech´s, the telecom industry and ISV´s. Based on his broad experience in both organizational change and Agile Henk Jan is able to help management teams to prepare and execute their agile journey.

Henk Jan discovered the potential benefits of agile and scrum in the early 2000s. From his technical background he learned how delivery in short iterations will not only delivery results early, but also keep quality of the deliverables at higher level. Next to that, the ability to deliver fast gives a boost to the discussion about business value. Henk Jan is keen on bridging the needs of business with possibilities of IT. From his technical background he knows the opportunities and the complexity of IT. He combines that technical view with strong analytical skills and commercial understanding to optimize the IT delivery in terms of business value. Henk Jan shares his experience as a guest speaker via conferences and publications in trade journals.


Ralph Jocham

Geography: Switzerland and Europe
Industry Expertise: Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Defense

Ralph has over 15 years of global (DE, UK, USA, CH) development experience in various technologies and blue chip business domains. Since 2000, when he came in contact with XP, Ralph considers himself as ‘test infected’ and believes that state of the art development practices and a clear business value focus are crucial for the ROI. In 2003 Ralph combined XP with Scrum. Since then he has been a Scrum evangelist. He is a CSM (2005), CSP (2008), PSM I & II (2009), PSPO I & II (2011) and Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org. Before founding effective agile. he worked for Zühlke in Switzerland, ThoughtWorks in San Francisco, USA and Oracle in the UK.

You can read more about Ralph Jocham at www.effectiveagile.com


Rob Maher

Geography: Asia-Pac
Industry Expertise: Financial Services, Telco, Utilities, Gaming

Rob Maher has nearly 20 years of software development experience and a history of leading successful agile change programs in large organisations. A regular speaker at management and technical events he combines training and consultancy around NZ, Australia and across South East Asia. Rob has done extensive work in the Financial Services, Telco, Utility and gaming sectors with clients throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Working with managers and executives, Rob’s consulting approach focuses on achieving measurable benefit from agile and technology improvement programs.


Martin Mandischer

Geography: Germany, Europe
Industry Expertise: Banking, Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecommunications, Health Care, Consulting

Dr. Martin Mandischer holds a degree in Computer Science and is a certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PSM, PSPO), Engagement Manager and certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). 

Since the beginning of 90's, Dr. Mandischer has gained experience in project management and in the course of this, especially in large enterprise projects, has combined classical methods and agile thinking together.

Since 2006 he has been active as a Scrum coach and assisted many small and large companies with the introduction of agile methods. From Scrum and Kanban trainings over team coaching to the conversion of entire companies, he accompanies customers on their way to more successful business. Agility is not an end unto themselves, but must always be seen in the specific context of the customer in order to embed it individually into corporate culture and processes to help companies to continually improve.

The basics of lightweight frameworks such as Scrum are usually mediated quickly, the rethinking in the minds of the people, team members and managers alike, is often a difficult process. Dr. Mandischer shares all of his long experience in diverse projects in various industries and his scientific expertise and enthusiasm for agile thinking in his coachings and certification courses.

In 2010 he won the Agile Leadership Award 2010 (Best Quality Institute) for a successful agile company transformation with Scrum and Kanban.


Don McGreal

Geography: Dallas, TX
Industry Expertise:

In his role as VP of Learning Solutions at Improving Enterprises, Don McGreal is a hands-on agile consultant and instructor. As an instructor and Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, he has authored and taught classes for thousands of software professionals around the globe, specializing in Scrum, Acceptance Testing, Object-Oriented-Design, and Test-Driven Development. On projects and in the classroom, Don is known for his enthusiasm and dedication. He has published articles for both the Scrum Alliance and the Agile Journal and is co-founder of TastyCupcakes.org, a comprehensive collection of games and exercises for accelerating the adoption of agile principles.


Mark Noneman

Geography: United States
Industry Expertise: Software, Design Automation, Health Services, Government/Defense

Mark Noneman has focused on changing organizations for over 20 years. As a founder of Agility Software and a working agile practitioner, Mark's clients around the world know him as knowledgeable and pragmatic; able to bring real-world experiences to bear on the difficult task of transforming organizations to an agile level of performance.

Starting in development, Mark worked to instill quality into the design process to dramatically reduce defects and manufacturing waste. In the mid-90s, Mark started to focus on Software as a lynchpin opportunity to change the way organizations develop products and excite customers. In the early 2000's, he discovered Scrum and began practicing and refining the intricacies and methods that accelerate software productivity, quality, and customer delight.

Mark's consulting brings Voice of the Customer, new product concept engineering, Scrum and Agile practices to diverse industries including design automation, manufacturing, health services, commercial software products, government and defense. Working with executives, middle managers, teams and individual contributors, he works to raise the performance bar for everyone involved. Contact

Ernst Perpignand

Geography: Canada, France
Industry Expertise: Software, Consulting, Global Delivery Services, Telecom, Canadian Law, Insurance
Ernst Perpignand cumulates over 10 years helping small and large organizations adopt agile practices and increase their Agility. He started his career as a software developer and now focuses on organisational changes that foster highly accountable, autonomous and performing teams that deliver valuable software for the businesses they work for. His extensive experience in applying agile practices both as a developer and a manager allows him to pragmatically guide teams, managers and IT leaders in their agile transformation.

Ernst believes that IT organizations realizing that software is a strategic asset, treating teams as the key source of innovation and focusing on timely discovery and delivery of business value will be leaders in their industry. As an Evidence-Based Management consultant, Agile coach and trainer, Ernst will help your organization achieve Agility at your own pace while minimizing risks to your business.

Björn Persson

Geography: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Europe
Industry Expertise: Automotive, Telecom, Healthcare, Finance

Björn has 20+ years of professional product development experience. Björn is the CEO of Cedur AB, one of the companies that are leading in Scrum and Agile in Sweden. Cedur was early with Agile doing it since 1999.

The combination of experience with Agile, technical skills and running a company has given Björn a holistic view on how to be successful in using Agile. Björn can talk to, and has an understanding for the needs and wants of people ranging from CEO/management, R&D-people to sales & marketing people.

When helping teams to become successful using Scrum/Agile Björn has over and over seen the need for the buy-in from CEO/management in order for the improvements to continue to grow and creating new better habits in the whole organization.

Contact Björn for a free presentation on how to measure the value your organization produces. The session also includes a discussion of possible ways forward for you and your organization.


Cesario Ramos

Geography: Netherlands
Industry Expertise: High Tech, Financial Services, Software Product Companies

Cesario Ramos is the founder of AgiliX Agile Consulting where he works as a change artist, Professional Coach and certified Scrum Trainer for various customers. Cesario guides agile adoption programs at his customers through coaching, training and hands-on consulting of management and development teams.

Cesario has extensive experience in the high tech sector, financial services and software product companies. He has worked for various companies in management positions, local and distributed teams and in products and services companies. He is the author of the booklet 'EMERGENT - Lean agile adoption for an innovative workplace', is a frequent conference speaker and the initiator of the Agile Lean Europe Bathtub conferences. 

Experience in positions varying from product manager to architect combined with his experience in agile adoption and professional coaching, training and agile development enable Cesario to combine theory with hands-on experience and examples in his daily work. Contact

Simon Reindl

Geography: United Kingdom
Industry Expertise: Financial Services, Retail, Defense, Government, Education, Consulting

Simon Reindl has a focus on helping businesses and people adopt new ways of working on realizing business value. He has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of business domains, in both the public and private sector around the world. As a coach and instructor, he has worked with individuals and teams to develop technical skills and techniques to improve alignment across the business.

His focus is to transform organisations to achieve a sustained competitive advantage by adopting agile principles and practices, and a culture of continuous adaptation.

For more details, visit his website.


Dan Sloan

Geography: United States
Industry Expertise: Risk Management & Human Resources Consulting, Property & Casualty Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Business Software & Services, Media & Entertainment
Daniel Sloan is a Managing Partner and Agile Coach with The Madison Henry Group, a global management and technology consulting firm, as well as an Agility Path Engagement Manager & Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org.
Over the past 20+ years, Daniel has served industry leaders ranging from global conglomerates to mid-sized businesses in roles such as Agile Coach, Scrum Trainer, Scrum Master, program manager, product manager, project manager, architect, developer and business analyst. 
Since co-founding Madison Henry in 2005, he has helped a number of organizations optimize their investment in software by adopting and sustaining Agile principles that are critical in a competitive and changing marketplace. During this time, he has focused on facilitating organizational change by aligning vision, culture and Agile principles to inspire engagement, instill ownership, enable change and ultimately sustain continuous improvement.
Daniel is a 1992 graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. 
Please connect with Daniel on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danielhsloan. Contact

Chuck Suscheck

Geography: Columbus, OH
Industry Expertise:

Dr. Charles Suscheck specializes in software development methodologies, and project management.  He has over 25 years of professional experience in information technology, beginning his career as a software developer.  Dr. Suscheck’s holds a Doctorate, Masters, and Bachelors in Computer Science and is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), Professional Scrum Master (PSM I and II), Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I and II), Professional Scrum Developer - Java (PSD), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), PMI Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) and certified RUP specialist.  An educator at heart, he has over 30 published articles and conference proceedings and has spoken nationally and internationally at conferences such as OOPSLA, ECOOP, Agile 20xx, and Borcon on a wide variety of topics.


Ravi Verma

Geography: Prefer to work in and around the Dallas, Texas area.
Industry Expertise: Specialize in Networking, Telecom, Security and Marketing.

Public Speaker, Agile Coach, Trainer and Management Consultant with a passion for helping teams recapture the magic of making I.T. Proven track record of delivering multi-million dollar, enterprise class software. Founder and Org Whisperer at SmoothApps.

Ravi blends ideas from the world of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development to develop strong teams and inspiring leaders at all levels of an organization. Having worked with company giants like Cisco, Avaya, Siemens and Hewlett Packard, as well as mid-sized and startup companies, Ravi is intimately familiar with patterns of success and failure that seem to occur whenever you put together a bunch of people with a bunch of code.

As an Agile Coach, Ravi is passionate about helping organizations understand the why, what and how of Agile Software Development. Recently, he helped a $1B marketing organization scale Scrum across13 Scrum Teams and about 150 team members, distributed over 3 continents and 6 locations.


Tomasz Wlodarek

Geography: Poland
Industry Expertise: Software, E-Commerce And Payments, Telecommunications, Game Development
Tomek is an independent consultant, trainer and coach. Being involved in software development for his whole professional life - more than 15 years now - Tomek pioneered large scale agile transitions in Poland. 

Always challenging and thought-provoking, always direct and strict, he's a perfect guide to walk the Agility Path with. He assists organizations which dare to change the world with their products and services to reach and maintain a competitive edge. 

Working with organizations of all scales he helps Board of Directors, Executives, Senior Managers and delivery teams understand and truly grasp agility. 

Being pragmatic to the bones Tomek relentlessly refines the match between people, processes, tools and technology, striving for high quality-high value software. 

Beside being an Engagement Manager, Scrum Trainer and Coach, he gives lectures on agile methods, self-organization and software development processes at University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland. Full profile at LinkedIn: http://pl.linkedin.com/in/wlodarek.